Online Therapy

Receiving Online Counseling over the Internet makes mental health services accessible to people who are too busy or too ashamed, those who are homebound, parents with newborns, people who live in rural areas, and those who have phobias and fears that prevent them from meeting with a psychotherapist in person. An Online Therapist can help you get to your root issues quickly. Not being in face-to-face therapy means that you are free to type whatever is truly bothering you. Clients report taking weeks, even months to get to their real problems in face-to-face therapy - these same clients report that they get to these deep issues within the first few lines they type to their Online Counselors. Read about our online therapy packages available by clicking here.

Why is Online Therapy effective?

By taking the face-to-face element out of psychotherapy, more clients feel free to speak candidly about their real problems. Many clients report feeling uncomfortable in person with a counselor - that they fear their therapist might even judge them.

Telephone Therapy

Telephone counseling is offered for a variety of problems. This format can be of value if you do not have access to office based services for whatever reason. A free 10-20 minute consult is offered to help us 'feel-out' the situation and help us determine if we can offer competent help. This service is not appropriate for anyone with suicidal thoughts or severe psychiatric problems. This service is most appropriate for stress, sex, relationship, infidelity, work, divorce and custody problems, legal problems requiring expert testimony, disability issues, and family based issues.

If it is decided that this form of counseling can be useful to you, fees and payment will be discussed. You will be provided with a regular appointment time to call the office. It is suggested you sign-up for a discount telephone service with rates as low as a penny a minute.

Telephone therapy is effective for many people, as demonstrated by research [see the article that follows], and in my experience as an online counselor. A primary advantage is convenience and accessibility. We offer the same professional service over the phone as in the office. You can have your free initial consultation over the telephone to decide if we are the right online counselor for you while you discover the effectiveness of telephone sessions for yourself.

Email Therapy

So you have a question or two or many. Then this is the service for you. We will set up a correspondence by email to communicate on a monthly basis. You can use this service independently or combine it with other services. Have just one quick question? Email your questions and lets get started!

Webcam Therapy - A New Approach to Online Counseling

Webcam therapy improves upon the phone session by allowing us to meet with you wherever you are-and even with a couple who may not be in the same location. You might say we can now make house calls-or anywhere calls!

iCounselingAV is a live audio-visual arrangement that facilitates communication between you and me as your therapist. By using the full screen option, you can instantly turn your computer into a good place to have a convenient, confidential, and safe counseling session at an easily scheduled time. The technology provides true-to-life picture quality and crystal-clear conversation in an audio-visual format.

A User-Friendly Connection

Setting up your computer for sessions is easy. All you need is a webcam, microphone and speakers, we will do the rest!

After a brief free consultation over the phone, we can determine if it makes sense to work together. After the client completes the necessary regular paperwork (acknowledging disclosure and confidentiality statements receipt), then we will send you an email detailing all the necessary information needed to participate in this session.

If you have questions, just give us a call the old-fashioned way at 866-900-0316. Further payment and technology information follow below.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Insurance and Payment

Online counseling is a very new approach to mental health counseling. At this time no insurance company we know of will cover services received over the phone or via video-conferencing.

Payment is made through PayPal or Square prior to your session.