Client Testimonials

The sessions are going great and Stacey has been fantastic. I was surprised how quickly I was able to warm up to her. We had technical difficulties last session with the chat applet. We tried to continue the session over the phone, but I couldn’t get any privacy at my house and wasn’t comfortable talking, so as a last resort we finished the session via chat. I think it’s great she was willing to do whatever it took to make sure I was able to have my session with her and in a way that was comfortable for me.
I was hesitant at first to use an online counseling service, but my personal experience with Complete Counseling Solutions have been nothing but positive. All questions I had about the services they offered were answered thoroughly and promptly. The therapist far surpassed any expectations I may of had. Right away I was made to feel comfortable and was blown away at her sharp ability to be able to decipher what I was trying to say. I would most definitely recommend Complete Counseling Solutions if you want an online counseling experience that's positive.
  Tammy M
Jennifer has played a crucial part in the growth and developmentof my family now for over seven years. What I admire and respect about her is her ability to come in and out of mine and my sons life when we need her. She has seen us both through divorce, learning disabilities and just plain bad behavior. What therapist would say, "no you don't need me" when presented with a situation that she truly believed I didn't need her help. I always have told her that she won't get rich this way; but she'd have a lot of happy clients.

I could elaborate; but I'd have to write a book

My name is Sheila,
I came rushing in to Jennifer's office in July of 2006 in a flood of tears.....I had been trying to deal with my second husband's affair on my own & was getting now where, I felt like my whole world had collapsed & I didn't know what to do...little did I know that was NOT the worst thing that would happen to my family that year. Barely 2 months later, my first husband & father of my 3 children died suddenly at the age of 49. In the space of 2 months, both my life & my kids were turned upside down.
In the time that has passed since that awful year Jennifer has been there, listening, advising and helping me remember who I am again. I use that advice whenever I am feeling unsure about decisions that I alone must make. I am different now,not just because of life experiences but because Jennifer has helped me become the old me I used to be a long time ago. I am who I once was. And that is a great feeling.
My name is Nicola Walash, age 25 and came to Jennifer Lagrotte for support with Relationship issues as well as Self-Esteem issues. I met with her the first couple of times face to face. Jennifer is very sincere, shows a great depth of concern for the person and not money. She thinks of different things that actually shows she knows what she's talking about. Some of the words she has said to me and why I behaved the way I did were words I thought I'd never hear from anyone. Jen put me back into reality and made me realize that I am just as good as anyone else or even better! We also met online several times through webcam and phone; where she helped me more. This way you can be in the privacy and comfort of your own home. I benefited from these online sessions as well as face to face session. I will always go back to Jen if I need any help and I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks so much Jen!
  Nicola Walash
My name is Mary , I have been seeing Jennifer for awhile now . When I first went to see her my life was in disarray. Jennifer has guided me and I mean guided me and been very supportive of me , my thoughts and decisions. Jennifer feels more like a friend than therapist and this is her talent she is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I have been to other therapist over the years and at last I found one I feel connected to. If you on this website give it a try. I could not be more happy with Jennifer's Services ( not sure if services is the correct word but..trust me) Online counseling what a wonderful thing to save time and relieve some of the face to face pressure of going to counseling. Good luck to you.
My wife and I were clients of Completecounselingsolutions.com. I went to the site because we were having problems bringing her two kids and my three kids together to make one family. I was sure that our short marriage would end up in divorce. Instead, we were evaluated and then taught the skills that we both needed to end the conflicts between our kids. We are doing really well now and couldn't be happier with the treatment, it saved our marriage.

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