Anissa Pfannenstiel Joins Complete Counseling Solutions' Online Counseling Group

Before going to school to earn her Minority Studies Degree from WSU, her clinical Social Work degree from Newman University and becoming a certified hypnotherapist, Anissa Pfannenstiel had an interest in learning about the mind. More specifically, she was interested in the altered states of consciousness and the deep healing process obtained through hypnotherapy. These interests are what eventually led her to go to school and gain experience through working in emergency mental health services, partial hospitalization programs and with young adults. From there, she started to focus more in transpersonal psychology, which is where some spirituality is introduced into the therapy, eastern healing practices and solutions focused therapy where an altered state of consciousness is used to treat her patients.

Anissa Pfannenstiel's current practice is all about working with people who are willing to learn about self-reflection, heighten their awareness and take the necessary steps to change their life for the better. Pfannenstiel teaches her patients how they can use these practices and techniques to gain better understanding and control of their emotions so that they can improve their lives. It is through learning some of these disciplines that her patients are able to cope with difficult situations in life as well as to better deal with issues that may be hiding in their subconscious. Young or old, suffering from anything from depression to substance abuse, Pfannenstiel is there to help those who want help, and it's not just in office help either. Now, with years of knowledge and experience behind her, Pfannenstiel has joined Complete Counseling Solutions as an online therapist. There, she is available to anyone who is looking for advice, suggestions and/or online counseling. Her services include individual online counseling, through e-mail and in person for constructive living (Japanese psychology), hypnotherapy and workshops for providing pre-commitment counseling, finding the right partner and creating new awareness that goes beyond limiting beliefs. All of these services are available to everyone online for easier accessibility and convenience. These services are also online because many people feel comfortable getting their counseling from an online therapist instead of in person, for a variety of reasons. This is why Complete Counseling Services was created and why Anissa Pfannenstiel decided to join the site as an online counselor, so that more people would have a fair chance at receiving the help that they need.

For anyone interested in seeking online counseling from Anissa Pfannenstiel, have questions or are looking for more information, visit Complete Counseling Solutions, e-mail or call toll free 1-866-900-0316.