Marriage and Family Counseling Sector Adds One More

Jennifer Baxt is a counselor who has worked with families, couples, individuals, children and geriatric patients who have had difficulties with depression, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, anxiety and personality disorders. Devoted to her work, she has gone beyond the office to include the online world. In fact, she offers her services and help online at Complete Counseling Solutions with five other online counselor. Her mission is to help as many people as she can, which is why she is trying to make herself as accessible as possible. There is even a free therapy forum now being offered on the site to give more people the opportunity to find some helpful advice or suggestions online, instead of having to make an appointment in person.

Just recently, Jennifer Baxt completed her doctorate in marriage and family therapy. This is not to say that she is limited in experience. Despite only recently completing her doctorate, she has had previous experience in dealing with all kinds of patients in many different situations. After first going to University of Florida and earning her bachlors in communications, she went back to school years later to get her masters in marriage and family therapy. While in school, she spent time in a hospital Emergency Room as a patient advocate and family counselor. From there, she gained more experience while working with patients dealing with substance abuse and working in a hospital inpatient Psychiatric unit. Jennifer then decided to go back to school for her doctorate in marriage and family therapy.

Dr. Jennifer Baxt is now ready to focus on doing what she does best; helping those who need her. In the past she has worked with children, adults and geriatric patients. Now she is also fully prepared to help individuals, couples and families who are looking for some assistance in dealing with any difficulties they may have. It would seem that Dr. Baxt would be the one to go to for family and marital problems because she is committed to what she does, and because she could be considered a specialist in that area. In fact, while completing her doctorate she did her ACP on pre-assessment for couple’s therapy. Dr. Jennifer Lagrotte is definitely the person to see when looking for help in any of these areas. She has both the education and experience behind her, and wants to help anyone she can.

Dr. Baxt can be contacted for both face-to-face and online therapy appointments. For more information or to book an appointment to speak with Dr. Jennifer Baxt, go to or call toll free 1-866-900-0316.