Free Online Therapist Guided Personal Assessments are Now Available Online

With the internet becoming the main access point for many people to find answers to their questions, free online therapy, and now, personal assessments are becoming available online. For anyone interested in going through online therapy, they should first complete an online assessment in order to determine what the online therapist or counselor will need to focus on. This way, the online therapist will have an idea of how they can go about helping the person who is asking for help. It doesn’t matter what a person needs help with, whether it is that they believe they are suffering from depression or having marital problems, online therapists are there to help anyone who asks for it. 

To accompany the free online therapy that is now being offered at, free personal assessments are now being offered as well. With so many people needing help, it is hoped that the free online therapy now being offered with the personal assessments will give more people the opportunity to get the help that they need. Getting to everyone can be difficult to do and these options being made available online are meant to alleviate the problem by saving time. It also gives individuals, who are normally uncomfortable speaking with a therapist or counselor in person, the chance to speak to someone online. Not only that, but it is a more convenient option for both the counselors and those who are looking for counseling. It is hoped that with the chance of getting the help, advice and suggestions without the long waiting time, more people will take advantage of what is being offered.  

Why are free personal assessments being offered online? Free personal assessments are what the online therapists can use to further understand what kind of help a person may need. By filling out a personal assessment, an individual is describing to the online therapist what issues they may need help with. All one has to do is visit the website at and then click on the tab that reads, "assessments." After being forwarded to the Therapist Guided Personal Assessments page, one will have to choose which personal assessment generally deals with what they are looking for help with. There is even the option being offered at the top of this page to anyone who has a suggestion about a new personal assessment that is not already being offered online. This feature is available to anyone who has access to the internet at any time. It could be from the home, from work, school or even a cyber café. All one has to do is go online and take an assessment. If one decides, after completing a personal assessment, that they would like to participate in the free online therapy, all they have to do is register and then start participating in the forum after they have been confirmed.

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