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Hello and thank-you for your interest in joining the ever growing team of professional therapists at Complete Counseling Solutions!

Want to see your bio on the About Us page? It'll look like this:

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Here is where you'd read the story all about YOU! We'd talk about your qualification, certification and education. We'd tell your specialties and how you'll be able to help our clientelle feel good and achieve their goals!

Our site is available to your practice for FREE. All that you need to get started is a bio with a picture of yourself. We are interested in people that are motivated to promote themselves and their practice. We are always looking for diverse individuals that have a broad range of experience.

As I mentioned, if you want to join our network of internet counselors by listing yourself on, membership is completely free.

What we offer to our team:

  • We offer all online counseling services including video/audio, text based chat, weekly emails, unlimited monthly emails and telephonic counseling. Check out our Online Therapy Services. As a member of our team, use of these services and secure video/chat servers is FREE of charge!
  • A free email address
  • The marketing experience that's brought Complete Counseling Solutions to the first page on Google for multiple keywords will be marketing for you.
  • We will have afree press release written announcing your affiliation with us and outlining your special skills and strengths.
  • Advice and guidance on how to grow your own practice on the internet. We'll help you to be recognized as an expert authority in your field.
  • Your bio on the About Us page similar to the one above.
  • Therapist status on our Therapy Forum.
  • Since we collect payments thru our online invoicing system, you will now be able to accept most major credit cards as well as electronic checks.

If you have an existing client and you would like to use these services stated above, you will get 70% of the fee and Complete Counseling Solutions will receive 30%. If we refer a client to you, then you will receive 55% of the fee and Complete Counseling Solutions will retain 45%. We will also take care of all the billing and pay you twice a month.

The information that we will need for you to get stared will be:

Are you interested? Do you have any questions? If so, you can email to get started.