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by Dr. Jennifer Lagrotte, DMFT

As a new parent, I find that balancing my time has gotten increasingly difficult so I thought I'd share some techniques that I've learned along the way on how to be an effective parent while still having time for yourself and your partner. I know... easier said than done, but it is possible and here are some vital techniques for staying sane and still feeling good about yourself.

  • Accept all help that is offered to you.
  • Remember that nobody can parent your child exactly like you so when you ask for help, you need to step back and let that person do their best.
  • Forget about making lists or setting goals every day. You can only do what you can do and you need to feel good about that.
  • If you are a neat freak and do not have time to clean or straighten up, you need to remember that it will all get done.
  • Take time for yourself and do something alone to remember who you are, even if its just 10 minutes.
  • If your significant other wants to help, let them and do not correct them when they do because that help might not be offered again.
  • If you have trouble letting go, then leave the house when someone else is watching your children. Go to the mall, go to a park, or just take a drive and be yourself.
  • Date night! Even if you are so tired that date night is staying at home after the kids are asleep, it is so important to stay connected as a couple.
  • Remember, the more balanced you are the better parent you will be, and the more you be able to give to your children.
  • Keep on exercising, include the kids if you want!
  • Try to eat as healthy as you can.
  • Most importantly, remember that tomorrow is another day and today you did the best you could.

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Dr. Jennifer B Lagrotte, DMFT
Dr. Jennifer Lagrotte, DMFT

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