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Welcome to Complete Counseling Solutions. This Agreement and Consent Form for online counseling is being provided to you (client) in order to inform you about Online Therapy and answer some questions you may have.

As a client of Complete Counseling Solutions, I understand that Online Therapy is technical in nature and that there may be problems with Internet connectivity, which is the fault of neither the online counselor at Complete Counseling Solutions nor me. Internet availability may be limited or disrupted by things such as server maintenance, upgrades, or other problems (such as software or hardware malfunction) or natural or man-made disasters (such as terrorist acts, Internet viruses, and so forth). These types of problems are beyond the control of Complete Counseling Solutions and me (client). If something like this were to occur, any scheduled appointments would be re-scheduled by your online therapist at no additional cost to you (client).

I understand that I must be at least 18 years of age to consent for online counseling by Complete Counseling Solutions. (If not at least 18 years old, a parent or legal guardian must contact Complete Counseling Solutions and provide a written consent for services). As a client of Complete Counseling Solutions, I declare that I am free of suicidal thoughts. I also understand that Complete Counseling Solutions may be required to violate confidentiality to make appropriate legal notifications if your online therapist reasonably believes I am involved in child abuse or neglect, if I intend to harm myself, or if I am involved in criminal activity. If you desire more information, this is discussed in more detail in the Confidentiality section of the website.

I realize that I will be charged per a pre-arranged price that Complete Counseling Solutions and yourself agree upon. We need to recognize that during the process of online counseling psychotherapy, discomfort may arise (as difficult issues are addressed and worked through). This is an oftentimes necessary part of online therapy, even though it does not guarantee resolution of any kind or assure success for online counseling, either explicit or implied. This means that there is no guarantee as to the outcome from the services of or Complete Counseling Solutions. This includes limitation or restriction, of any guarantee, for information, online counseling, uninterrupted access, and other services provided through or Complete Counseling Solutions. In addition, as a client of Complete Counseling Solutions, I can end services at any time, for any reason, without prior notification or explanation to Complete Counseling Solutions. (Although a note explaining any decision to stop services would be greatly appreciated).

Lastly, although Complete Counseling Solutions has taken a significant number of steps to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of Online communication(s) between you and your online counselor, these actions, in whole or in part, cannot guarantee the security of Internet transmissions. I permanently agree to release and indemnify Complete Counseling Solutions from all suits, claims, and other actions originating from psychotherapy provided through Complete Counseling Solutions.

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