Coping Better, Anytime, Anywhere: The New Handbook of Rational Self Counseling

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Are you as happy as you want to be? Do you manage your emotions to your satisfaction instead of letting the emotions to control you? If the latter, Dr. Maultsby's complete, emotional self-help guide will give you a step by step method for dealing with your emotional feelings to your satisfaction, at any time, in any situation. You also get a simple and very reliable personality self-check. That research proven, personality self-check reveals unsuspected beliefs, attitudes and emotional cues for distressing feelings which prevent emotional well being. BUT most important this book tells you exactly how to quickly replace such unsuspected beliefs, attitudes and emotional cues with the most desirable ones. What are they? They are the beliefs, attitudes and emotional cues that free you to be as successful plus emotionally and spiritually satisfied as you are willing to be.

About the Author

Dr. Maxie C. Maultsby Jr. is a most unusual psychiatrist; he is a normal people psychiatrist. That means he is a fully trained, board certified psychiatrist, but by choice he works mainly with normal but excessively unhappy or unsuccessful people. Yet, because they are normal, i.e. possess brains that are free of significant malfunctions, Dr. Maultsby's patients and readers of his books want and are mentally capable of achieving as much personal success, plus emotional and spiritual satisfaction, for which they are willing to work.
Normal people's psychiatrists practice the Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapy and counseling. Dr. Maultsby has had 30 plus years of clinical experience in professional training, research and clinical practice using this treatment method. He completed training in both child and adult psychiatry. He now is a Medical College Professor at Howard University and the author of the only comprehensive, short-term Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapy and counseling method, called Rational Behavior Therapy, which produces long-term results. Rational Behavior Therapy, Dr. Maultsby's book by the same name, clearly demonstrates this now well established medical fact: "Much, if not most, anxiety and the other negative human emotions in normal people are unsuspectedly and therefore naively created by those entirely sane, intelligent people themselves".

His well know research and effective training and treatment methods have made Dr. Maultsby an internationally recognized expert on scientific, yet practical concepts and techniques of healthy human conflict resolution. His self-help books are used by mental health professionals in every area of personal and inter personal conflict resolutions as well as for corporate management development and change management. Larry Wilson's popular best seller: Play to Win, is admittedly based in large part on Dr. Maultsby's work on the scientific principles and habits of normal people. Dr. Maultsby is truly the quintessential international expert on efficiently effective personal and organizational development and self-management.
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