I Am Your Disease: The Many Faces of Addiction

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"Mom, nobody wakes up one day and decides to be an addict." The stories contained in this book are about people from every walk of life, socioeconomic levels, religious and ethnic backgrounds whose lives were intertwined with people who didn't "decide to be an addict."

They all share one common bond - living with, and loving an addicted person.
Contained within the pages of this book are stories by bereaved parents who have suffered the ultimate loss: The loss of their precious child.

Read how addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol or gambling, destroys not only the addicted person, but their entire circle of friends and family.

No one escapes the tentacles of addiction. Like an octopus it reaches its deadly arms around us and squeezes the very life out of all of us. Our society is affected in ways we never imagined.

Read excerpts from middle school students on the peer pressures they face today.

Read the stories of parents who have gone through hell, sacrificing their very sanity trying to save their child.

The profiles of these children will change your mind about what kind of people do drugs. GOOD KIDS DO DRUGS TOO!

From the Author
I Am Your Disease (The Many Faces of Addiction) is a must-read for any young person even thinking about experimenting with drugs. The book details the devastating effects that drug use has on the lives of people who have lost a child to the disease of addiction. It shows you how ugly drugs are and how they cut your life short. Drugs are not cool. They take over your life and have absolute control over you. You are powerless to do anything other than what the drug demands! Read the book. The life you save may be your own!

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