Fired to Hired: Bouncing Back from Job Loss to Get to Work Right Now

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"Tory Johnson is simply the best. Her ideas are exciting. Her heart is big and embracing. There is no better coach, champion, and friend on the path to your dreams."
--Diane Sawyer

"I love it when I get a chance to work with Tory on Good Morning America. She is passionate about helping our viewers. Tory's ideas for getting hired and creative and lead to positive results."
-Robin Roberts

Product Description
If you want to get hired today, you must be a great candidate and an exceptional job seeker.

Tory Johnson's New York Times bestseller, Will Work from Home, was comprehensive and inspiring. Now, the Women For Hire CEO and Good Morning America workplace contributor returns with advice and real-life stories for finding the right job after being let go. Tory knows what it takes to get noticed and hired, and helps you create a concrete action plan-one that will help you come out stronger and more successful than ever.

Giving up is not an option. Now's the time to get the lay of the land, sharpen your skills, and energize your search. Here you'll learn how to:

* Get over the sting of being unemployed
* Develop a digital identity and dive into online social networking
* Ensure your resume does not get lost in a big black hole
* Build and leverage your "I Rock" file to master essential self-promotion
* Pitch and secure an effective externship and make volunteer experience count
* Launch a valuable job club that will yield strong support, job leads, and career success
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