Diagonally-Parked in a Parallel Universe : Working Through Social Anxiety

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Social anxiety disorder or social phobia (SA/SP), the intense, and incapacitating fear of social interaction, is the third most common psychiatric disorder (after depression and alcoholism). Dayhoff, a social psychologist, author (How To Win in a Tough Job Market), and lecturer who has overcome SA/SP herself, has written a comprehensive self-help guide for sufferers. Dayhoff reviews current research and theories about the origin of SA/SP, but her focus here is on practical ways to recover. She presents step-by-step plans for learning social skills for conversation, dating, job hunting, and networking; gives concise and clear information on such issues as how to access professional help, what to expect during the first session, and what happens in group therapy; outlines the benefits and pitfalls of medication; discusses complimentary therapies; and offers suggestions for finding financial assistance and social support. She also provides a list of resources. SA/SP sufferers and their friends and relatives will find this book helpful. Recommended for popular psychology collections in public and consumer health libraries.
-Lucille M. Boone, San Jose P.L., CA
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Stefan G. Hofmann, Ph.D., Director, Social Phobia Program, Boston University
"Dr. Dayhoff has done a remarkable job researching the current literature on social anxiety and its disorder. The text is well-written and comprehensive and I enjoyed the use of humor. I hope this book will help people suffering from this debilitating disorder to come out of the closet."
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