Awaken Your Soul

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Enlightened, expressive and engaging, John Drury's 'Awaken Your Soul: A Journey of Discovery' takes readers on an autobiographical journey into the shadows of his psyche as a way to find the sense of purpose that once was lost to the ages. Using Drury's own rich illustrations, photography, digital art and inspirational messages, the book reveals how Drury, a former Fortune 100 chief marketing officer, tapped psychologist Carl Jung's "Shadow Work" teachings to explore his own unrelenting pursuit of money, power and sex, question his own integrity and relationships, rediscover his own hidden self - and transform his life. The book include 144 pages of incredible 4 color digital art that explores John's journey. The book leaves readers prepared to ask the questions needed to take their own journey into introspection and personal fulfillment. They're prepared to take their lives off "auto-pilot," grab control of their life’s course, and reclaim their authentic hidden selves - and their lives. In the end, readers - like Drury and the executives he coaches as part of his consulting firm, FullyAlive360 - rediscover passion, inner contentment and sense of personal destiny, with stronger relationships with themselves and those around them. Says Drury: "To 'Awaken Your Soul' means to get rid of the emotional baggage and get back to the essence of who you are."
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