Can you get free therapy through forums?

It may come as a surprise for many that there is now therapy available online that is also free. This particular service being offered is relatively new, but is one that is becoming more popular all the time as more and more people log in to talk, get some advice and receive some of the help that they may need. Depending on the website that a person visits to find some free online therapy, there may be the option to instant message with the online therapist at an arranged time, a chat room where people can go in as a guest and talk or a forum for people to join.

Forums are quite possibly one of the most popular ways for people to connect and talk on just about any topic imaginable. Online therapists and counselors who wish to make their services available to nearly everyone who needs them are taking advantage of the popularity and simplicity of forums. The reason for this is because most young people these days are more comfortable talking on forums with a concealed identity because they feel less vulnerable to being judged by others about what they have gone through, what they have to say or by questions they may have. Online forums allow people the chance to freely discuss just about anything that is one their mind without feeling that they have to pay special close attention to every word that they type out.

Many people will avoid going to see a therapist or a counselor about their problems at all cost because they are uncomfortable talking to a complete stranger about the issues that need discussing but leave a person feeling too vulnerable. Forums allow people the chance to avoid going in to speak to a therapist or counselor, but still have the opportunity to get things off their chest. Confidentiality is another concern for many, especially because they worry about people thinking that they have something seriously wrong with them because they are seeing a therapist. The online forums meant for online therapy allow a person to easily conceal their identity and maximize their confidentiality. Most forums, if not all, will often require a person to register or sign in. This is not to show other members of the forums who the new member is; this is to keep out spam and to also ensure that everything a person talks about with the online therapist will remain between them and will not be read by a third party. Like most forums that require people to register and become members, the information is encrypted so that third parties are not privy to an individual’s personal information as well as to what they have discussed.

Online forums offer quite a few benefits that can be more attractive to people who would normally avoid regular in person therapy or counseling. First of all, confidentiality is guaranteed and there are no chances of people seeing someone walk into the office of a therapist or counselor. Forums where a person has to become a member are password protected; all the information is encrypted and not shared with a third party and a person can refrain from using their real name if they feel more comfortable with keeping their identity to their selves.