Is medication a quick fix for your mood?

In today’s world with all the new technology and the latest treatments, one can become to comfortable with the idea that there is an instant cure for everything. Many will make the mistake of believing that the effort is no longer necessary, as there are other things one can take or do that will make everything better in an instant. It is believed by many, especially those who do not fully understand the medical chemicals, that they will help make them feel better. This, however, is not the truth. While many in the medical profession wish these medications could heal anything and everything, they cannot.

To put it simply, medications are, in many cases a crutch. Where there are many medications and treatments that do lead to a cure or an acceptable treatment to a disease or sickness, there are many that are a crutch. When it comes to mental health, it is the choice of many to view most of the medication as something that a patient can use in order to help them onto the road to recovery. Of course, this all depends on what the patient is suffering from. There are, unfortunately, many patients who must depend on the medication to help them live their lives as normal as possible. There are many, however, who are eventually able to leave the medication behind.

When talking about depression, or anxiety, many are quick to look for the easiest way to deal with it. Sometimes this leads to the increased use of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs, but other times there are those who run to the doctor hoping to get pills that will save them from their troubling emotions. Those who are serious about dealing with their issues, or with whatever it is that is causing their depression, stress or anxiety, will know and accept that there is more to healing themselves than going for the pills offering empty promises. While the medications can work to relieve some of the depression and/or anxiety for a short time, they are not a healthy answer to the problem. In fact, most who want the long-term answers will contact an online counselor or online therapist. By going through some online counseling, one can help to target and deal with the issues that are causing them stress. By bringing the issues to the front and dealing with them properly, one can put them to rest and start working on living a better, healthier and happier life.

Online therapy is by no means the complete answer; it is simply another tool one can use to help themselves find the answers they seek in order to get their lives back. Medications and therapy / counseling, are simply tools one uses to help them on their way to improving themselves, and ultimately addressing that which is getting in the way of living their lives. While medications can go a long way to lending a hand, they are simply an artificial and temporary fix without the aid of counseling; this is true for all drugs, whether they be prescription medications, street dugs, or alcohol.