Obesity in men.

When weight problems come to mind, most will likely first think about younger women who put their health at risk in order to look like the stars on the red carpet in Hollywood. While it is true that women seem to be under more stress to deal with their weight than men are, men do suffer obesity problems as well, especially in North America. Like women, men can become stressed in their life, or suffer from other insecurities that they may feel is best dealt with by food. The kind of diet that the average North American single male eats can also contribute to the problem as much of it can be quite fattening.

Obesity in men can be cause by a few different things, but stress seems to have much to do with. Especially with the recent recession, meeting their daily expectations, either one’s they have set for themselves or what they feel their family has set for them, can become quite difficult. As it becomes more difficult with layoffs, financial frustrations, dealing with work they do not enjoy and any other stresses they may be experiencing at home, they can become frustrated. Most men, especially those who have families, want to be confident in the knowledge that they can provide for themselves and their family. Losing a job or not being able to bring in the money they need despite the long hours of work, can put a large strain on the person. They may feel like they have lost some of their worth, especially if they have been laid off. For some men, their job is their identity, so losing their job could very well be like losing themselves, and even if their family try their best to support them, it could be a while before they pick themselves up again. In situations like these, where the stress becomes unbearable, many men will turn to food instead of alcohol or drugs. They start to care less about their appearance and their health, and they continue to go on food binges when they are feeling low. At these times, comfort food, like fast food, will be preferred and the pounds continue to add on as more of this kind of food is consumed without much exercise.

While it may not be true for all men suffering from obesity, it is true for some to deal with being upset by eating because it seems to make them feel better. Sitting on the couch with a bag of chips and a can of beer while watching a game can seem like a great way to take their mind off their current troubles, if even for a couple of hours. The problem with gaining this kind of weight is that it could lead to heart problems, stomach problems, infertility and diabetes. This kind of weight gain cannot be ignored and is something that can be dealt with by some online counseling or online therapy. An online counselor is easy to get in touch with from the comfort of one’s home, so there is no need to endure the stress of speaking to a counselor in person. The online therapist can work with the individual to address what may be causing their resulting obesity, and then find a way to deal with it while helping the client to get back into shape.