How much responsibility can you handle?

There is nothing wrong with a little responsibility; in fact there are many out there who wish that their kids, spouse or friends would be a little more responsible with their lives. There are also those who feel that their friends, co-workers, bosses or family members could benefit from taking on a little more responsibility. However, with responsibilities, not only can there be great rewards, there can also be backlash that can overwhelm an individual who is doing too much. There are many who are, perhaps, a little afraid to take on too much, which is not uncommon, but there are those who like to take on more when possible and that is where some difficulties can begin.

There are three main different kinds of people out in the world. There are those who do not seem to take any responsibility for anything they do, those who have a decent balance because they take care of what they are responsible for, nothing more and nothing less; then there are those who not only take responsibility for what they should, they also take on even more than that. With this, a serious attitude and outlook of life can develop, the importance of fun can take a back seat, and an ulcer can grow from all the worry they have about not being able to accomplish what they feel they need to. Many in this last situation in life, for some reason, feel that they are responsible for people or situations that, really, are not something they need to be worrying about. By taking on too much, one can forget about their own personal needs while trying to meet those of everyone else’s. They will also forget how to have fun, relax and take things in stride. The stress levels increase, as does the stress on the mental and physical parts of the body as the pressure the individual puts themselves under increases. The longer an individual remains on a course like this through their life, the more the chance there is that they will crash. Mental problems, such as anxieties and depression can develop, which will ultimately lead to more devastating consequences if not dealt with. Physical problems, such as ulcers, heart problems, chronic headaches and worse can also develop later in life.

Those who feel they may be the type to take on too much, or worry about too much in their life, would be well advised to take some time to consult an online counselor. Even if online counseling is not something one feels is necessary at this time, speaking with an online therapist can help one sort out their lives and see if they are focusing too much on things that are not as important as they originally thought. Online therapy may seem a bit extreme for some, but those who take advantage of it, even if it is just to have someone to talk to for a little advice, have found that the time is well worth it.