Do you have the confidence to look for a new job?

As far as changes in work or career go, some seem to have little difficulty in going with the flow while others can not seem to keep up. Sometimes, age may have something to do with it, but much has to do with personality, flexibility and adaptability. For example, during poor economic times, many will be unable to cope and can fall behind, while there are a few who are able to make things work for them. Even the stress in looking for a new job is not as easily manageable for some as it is for their peers.

Looking for a new job is almost never easy. First, there is deciding what kind of work would be best suited for a person so that they will have the opportunity to be involved in something they may enjoy and do well at. Next, there is putting together the resume and cover letter, and then there is the interview that may land the applicant a job. Whether a person is looking for their first job or another job, confidence in one’s self and abilities is key to increasing the chances they will find employment soon. For those looking for their first job, low confidence can be more difficult to come by because they are inexperienced and can be quite conscious of that fact. Low-self esteem can also inhibit their level of confidence, which can get in the way of their earning a position if their interviewer does not feel they are ‘bold’ enough to get the job done right.

Individuals who have been working for a while may find looking for a new job exciting or terrifying; some may even feel a little of both. How they feel about looking for new employment can often be directly affected by their confidence in their self (the level of their self-esteem), how they are regarded and treated in their home life, as well as how they lost or left their previous place of employment. Being laid off and then being unable to find a decent job that pays anywhere near what they were previously paid can also take a toll on a person’s confidence because less pay can make them feel less valuable and/or capable to society.

When seeking new employment, few will feel that speaking with a counselor or therapist would be very useful; however, consulting an online counselor can go a long way in helping a person to gain some confidence. Any online therapist will tell their client or patient that confidence can greatly increase a person’s chances in landing the kind of job they want, because the interviewer is looking for someone who is sure of their self and confident in their belief that they can do the job they are possibly being hired for. Online counseling is not just for someone who is feeling depressed or is in a poor situation, it is also an excellent resource for those who are looking to find some comfort and security when going through a change in their life. When looking to build some confidence to go after the kind of work they know they can do, some light online therapy could be just what they need.