How do you communicate with your child?

When involved in any kind of relationship, good communication is necessary so that all understand each other and can coexist together. When most people think of how good or bad communication can affect a relationship, they will often think of a relationship between two individuals. What most will tend to forget or ignore is that communication within the family is just as important as it is in any other kind of relationship. Communication is a necessity that fits right up beside trust for what can make or break one. Without understanding one another and without listening, a relationship can deteriorate to the point where one simply does not exist.

It is common for people to assume that the relationship and/or bond between parent or child degrades slowly over time, eventually becoming almost non-existent by the time the child enters their teenage years. This can be true if parents do not work on keeping a good relationship going with their children. What starts the degrade in the ‘bond’ is the parent’s lack of attention, trust and/or proper communication. Children are smarter than what they are often given credit for, so when a parent tells their child that they should not do something without any decent explanation of why, children can become frustrated. They would like to know why, because they, at this point, do not understand why they should not do something. Explaining something and answering their child’s questions can help to keep the relationship strong. In doing this, the parent is communicating with the child by listening and answering their questions as well as giving them the attention they need.

When communication breaks down between a parent and their child, it will tend to only lead to a lesser kind of relationship between the two. Without communication, there can not be trust or understanding, which means that there can be no real relationship to build on. Without addressing such problems as these, a parent and child can grow apart from each other until there is little or no relationship between the two when the child has grown and moved out. Parents who would like to keep the relationship strong between themselves and their children could easily find some helpful suggestions and advice online from the comfort of their home. There are many sites online where parents can contact an online counselor and talk about any possible concerns they have in the relationship between themselves and their children. An online therapist can even work with those who already see a problem developing. Online counseling may seem extreme to some, but it is really a tool that can be used at any time where a parent may feel the need to talk to someone about their concerns. Online therapy can even help to maintain and build upon a relationship between parents and their children through helping to develop better communication. With better communication, both parent and child can have a better understanding of each other. With better understanding, a relationship can be easier to develop.