Do you think your marriage was a mistake?

It has been said by too many people involved in marriage that after the first little while, they begin to rethink their earlier decisions. Many start to feel bored by their relationships, others feel their partner has changed since they were dating and others simply feel discontent, but are unsure as to why they might feel that way. Marriage, as it has always been, can be a lot of work. It takes patience, work, communication and maturity in order to give it a proper chance. Despite the few who are well aware of this, there are many unhappy couples out there who either don’t realize all that is needed to make a marriage work, or do not feel it is something they want in their life anymore.

It almost seems, these days, many young people do not feel that marriage is all that important. They see it as something they are expected to do, something that is a formality for those looking for the convenience that marriage can offer. There are a few who take it seriously, but many are starting to look at marriage in a much different light than their parents did. Many believe the change in how younger people see marriage is due to the different roles that men and women have taken on in more recent times. For example, women are no longer expected to be home, they are expected to take on the role of a career woman, a mother and the caring wife. Men’s roles throughout history has been to provide for the family, to hold the job and ensure that their family is taken care of. With women becoming more independent and able to take care of things themselves, men can often feel left out or less important, whether they realize it consciously or not. All this taken into consideration, one can see how the idea, or importance, or marriage might seem less these days than it was before. The need or requirement for it simply does not seem to exist.

Many young people are now wondering what the point is to being married. It simply does not seem like a necessary thing; instead, it is seen as something they might want to do because they can. This can create problems later on, however, as the change in views can also cause a change in how couples will treat each other within the relationship. The work that once went into marriage is no longer there, as neither spouse may feel they need to put in the kind of work as their parents did. In fact, many young couples decide to split up, or not even get married, instead of dealing with many of the problems that can arise in a marriage.

It would seem that many couples will not consider professional help at all, most likely because it is not seen as something that a couple would need. This is unfortunate as many couples would greatly benefit from help from an online counselor or an online therapist. Online counseling can help a couple to figure out where their problems are routed so that they can address them and correct them in the future. If more couples were to give online therapy a chance, more relationships might be saved.