Is driving stressfull?

Most things in life can cause different kinds of stress for different people. What causes little stress and what can create more all depends on the individual, their lifestyle, their line of work, how they deal and react with their life and how they handle stress in general. Some are fairly tolerant and have little difficulty in dealing with just about any kind of stress that comes their way in their every day life, while others are quite intolerant and can’t seem to handle the smallest upset in their day to day life. However, we are not here to talk about the many causes of stress.

Driving is an activity that a large percentage of the population in any given area does throughout North America. Whether it is taking the transit, a cab or driving one’s self from point A to point B in order to get their daily routine done, it can be unnerving for many drivers and passengers alike, especially for those who have not had the best experience on the road. There are many good drivers out there, but there are even more bad drivers out there who can make the whole experience of driving uncomfortable. It can even be more unnerving, or even frustrating when driving in a city during the morning or afternoon rush hour. It can be frustrating enough for someone who is already late in getting to where they need to go, but add in another driver or two cutting them off, running a light in front of them or following too close behind, and the frustration and stress level can start to rise. If this stress and frustration is not dealt with in any way, then it can continue to build, unchecked, with each passing day. That means that for five days a week, four weeks out of the month, the daily driving can become a major chore for this person, a chore they can not avoid because they have to get to work and/or school and can not do it without driving.

The main point being made here is that a daily activity as simple as driving can lead into problems for some people, depending on what their experiences have been with driving. When trying to deal with other ‘rude’ drivers on the road, it can become an overwhelming activity that triggers aggression. Aggression on the road does not do anyone any good, least of all the person driving. The only thing this will do is increase the stress the person feels every day; stress that is unnecessary and will only cause more problems later on. Speaking with an online therapist or online counselor can give a person the chance to vent and figure out a better way to deal with the stress of driving. Online therapy might seem a little odd for some when talking about a way to deal with the stress many experience every morning and afternoon on the road, but online counseling can go a long way to helping a person to enjoy that inevitable routine more each day.