What do you do when you have a fear of clowns?

While many will choose to believe that the fear of clowns is plain silly and one can easily deal with the fear on their own, the fear of clowns does exist and it is a real phobia that requires as much attention as any other serious phobia. This particular one tends to be suffered by children, though some teenagers and adults have been known to suffer from it as well. Whether the fear is new or has been there for as long as one can remember, an individual with such a fear should seek help, especially if it is having an adverse affect on their every day lives.

As with most phobias, people who are afraid of clowns, or suffer from coulrophobia, will experience many symptoms that can hinder their clear thinking and/or prevent them from going about their every day lives normally. It could be seeing a clown on television, or it could be seeing someone who is dressed up as a clown in person, either could send someone with such a phobia into a panic attack. When this happens, they may feel shortness of breath, have increased heart rate, might perspire, and/or have a loss of speech. These are just a few of the reactions that can be caused when confronted with what scares a person. It is possible that someone can go through most of their life without much of a worry about clowns, so long as they avoid situations where there might be people dressed up as clowns, such as theme parks or parties; however, ensuring that clowns are avoided can be difficult, especially if the person is very social and knows someone who thinks it’s funny to pull a prank on them involving a clown. As always, it is up to the individual to decide they should do, but it is always recommended that one gets help to overcome their fears, or at least deal with them in a controlled way. Uncontrolled fear is unhealthy for both the body and the mind, because it puts a person through extreme stress that can be very hard on the person. Not only can such stress have an adverse affect on the heart when exposed to the fear on many occasions, it can also have an adverse emotional affect on a person.

These days, avoiding the online counselor or online therapist, because one feels uncomfortable with them, is no longer a valid excuse. With internet being easily accessible to most, many online counselors are now offering their services through online therapy to help those who feel more comfortable communicating with someone over the internet. Online counselor are now available to anyone who needs their help, all one has to do is get online and do a quick search for online counseling. Some may have their doubts about going to an online therapist for help to deal with their fear of clowns, but the truth is that online therapy can be quite helpful to those who give it a try. Many have done so and have been helped to deal with their previously uncontrolled fear.