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Mental Health Resource Center Article: How do you deal with past trauma? by Dr. <a href=>Jennifer Baxt</a>, DMFT, NCC, DCC
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How do you deal with past trauma?
 - By Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC

Dealing with past trauma is not an easy task, especially when some will try to work it out on their own. Unfortunately, many believe that the only way to deal with the trauma is to either ignore it or block it from their memory; neither are healthy or long-term ways to deal with such trauma. Not dealing with it means that the emotions have not been dealt with and healing canít begin. Problems can arise later on as one doesnít face their trauma and the resulting stress can manifest itself in ways that can complicate their life. For example, they may sabotage their personal and/or work life without realizing it, or even intending to. Other problems that may arise include phobias or compulsive obsessive behavior. Sabotaging, phobias or altered behavior are all signs that something more serious may need to be dealt with. Developing a phobia or having a change in behavior could be the result of the mind trying to find a way to deal with the stress from the trauma that has not been addressed.

Most who realize they canít deal with the past on their own will seek help because they just canít seem to cope and move on without the memories coming back to haunt them. This can develop into a serious problem where a person finds it difficult to work and go about their lives, because they are forever being distracted by memories of that event; they find that they feel trapped in the moment. It is unfortunate, but many will often not seek help because they donít want to make an appointment to go in and see a counselor or therapist, either because it is too far to travel and itís difficult to get to the office, or they feel too uncomfortable and/or embarrassed. Some may even go through denial, because they donít want to, or cannot, accept what has happened to them. While these reasons could be understood to a degree, they are no longer acceptable excuses if one wants to get past the event and move on with their lives. It is for the good of a personís mental health that they seek professional help.

Thanks to todayís technology, there is another option to seeing a professional in person, and it is the internet. An online counselor is available for those who find the computer at home a more convenient way of contacting someone. All one has to do is get on their computer and contact an online therapist by messaging them, either through e-mail or on the online forum. All information is kept confidential and it is a great way for one to ask questions and get the help they need. The online therapist will work with the individual to face and deal with the traumatic event so that they may eventually go on with their lives without haunting memories distracting them. Online counseling can be done at any time and from anywhere there is an internet connection. These online counselor and therapists are available online so they can be accessible to just about anyone who feels they could greatly benefit from some online therapy.

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