Is poor mental health rare?

For people who may be suffering any form of poor mental health, it may feel like they are alone and that no one else around them can understand what they are going through. The other difficulty is that they might believe there is something wrong with them that can’t be known to anyone else for fear they might be rejected by others, as a result of their condition. It is because of these difficulties, and possibly for other reasons, that many people with mental health problems, such as major depression, will in many cases withdraw from society and exhibit anti-social behavior.

It is important that for anyone who believes, or know they are suffering from a mental health disorder, is to realize they are not alone and that thousands of people suffer from different forms of this each day. It is also important to note that many people who go in for treatment often get the help they need to deal with it, either by entering a program, seeing an online therapist and/or getting on the right prescription. It all comes down to what a person decides to do when in such a situation. Some will accept they have it, but not do anything about it; a common reason for this is embarrassment, or fear they will appear too weak to others. Others will be unaware of their condition, or even deny they might have a poor mental health condition.

Poor mental health is nothing to be embarrassed of and seeking help will only lead to being a stronger person for it. It is unfortunate that many people who suffer from poor mental health are embarrassed about it. Even worse, other people who suffer are in denial over it and refuse to accept that help is something they should seek out. Perhaps it would help to note that many of history’s great writers and artists have been known to suffer from poor mental health. Ernest Hemmingway, Hunter S. Thompson, Edgar Allen Poe, Vincent Van Gogh and Sylvia Plath are just a few of the well-known, who created great works in their time, who also suffered their share of poor mental health conditions. The difference with these people is that they didn’t have the help available to them that is available to people today.

A common mistake some people will make, especially those who are in some form of denial or unawareness about their condition, is to go to a substance to self-medicate. Perhaps it is a lack of education that these particular people don’t feel there is a better answer to what they suffer and they believe there isn’t any real help out there for them. For those individuals who do come to realize there is help for them and they go find it, they have a very good chance of developing better mental health and a better life as a result. Those who keep to their treatments and therapy have even more of a chance than those who decide to stop half way through. Sometimes the path to better mental health is a long and difficult one, but those who keep with it respond positively to it and usually start to lead better lives.

It is possible to receive help through online counseling with an online counselor. Online therapy is a great way to be able to access health care from the comfort of your own home. You can do your research for counseling online, with a click of a mouse and then you can get started with an online therapist when you are ready.