What is endogenous depression?

In most cases, a person who appears to suffer from a type of depression will often have a reason for it. In other words, the depression has been brought on or encouraged by an event, or something has happened to that individual, either in their youth or adulthood, that they have not been able to deal with. There are, however, cases where the individual does not seem to have a reason for their depression. They show all the symptoms of depression, but there just not seems to be any apparent cause for it. This is when the patient would probably be diagnosed with endogenous depression.

A person who suffers from endogenous depression will often exhibit similar symptoms as someone suffering from any other type of depression. The person could appear anxious, have a change in sleeping patterns, a change in eating habits, show fatigue, have low self-esteem and even sudden mood changes.

How is endogenous depression treated? Being as this type of depression does not appear to have any cause, it can be difficult to give treatment at first. Of course, consulting an online therapist about the condition would be recommended as they can are trained to help people work through their depression, regardless of the cause. If someone believes they are depressed, there is the option of consulting an online therapist through online therapy. This way, the person can ask questions and receive advice from the comfort of their own home online. Online counseling is a little new, but it is becoming more popular all the time and more people are choosing the counseling online option because it is within their comfort zone. Telephone counseling is another option and is about the same as what the online therapy offers. While both of these options are available and could offer some answers or useful advice, going in to see a therapist or counselor in person would probably benefit the person more. When an online therapist uses webcam therapy, they can talk to the patient, they can read a person’s actions and expressions to help them make a proper diagnosis. When an online counselor determines their patient is suffering from endogenous depression, they can decide on what type of therapy the patient will need in order to work through their depression. Sometimes it is medicinal with regular visits to the counselor, other times it could be the regular visits without the medicinal therapy. It depends on what the therapist thinks would be best for the patient and it also depends on how serious the depression is.

Like any other type of depression, endogenous depression is treatable. While treatments may not seem to work at first, they will over time. It is important for anyone who wishes to work through their depression to be open and honest with their therapist so that the therapist can have a clear understanding about what the patient needs. With the proper information, the therapist can be sure to choose the right medication and/or other treatments that would best work in the patient’s favor. Depression is not something to ignore or shy away from getting help for. If anyone thinks they might be suffering from depression, they need to consult a therapist so they can get the help they need.