What is Atypical Depression?

What is atypical depression? It is a form of depression that does not differ too much from major depression, but it does differ enough to be noted as a separate form. Symptoms that might be noticed in a person suffering from this form of depression could be poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, fatigue, weight gain, and feel their emotions are more or less affected by outside events. This depression lasts for different periods of time depending on the person who may be suffering from it; it could be for a few weeks, or it could be something they live with every day of their lives. It often starts out in teenagers who may continue to live with it if it goes on untreated, whereas other forms of depression usually do not occur until a little later in life. The cause of this form of depression is not entirely certain. As is true with many forms of depression, research is still being done to find out the true cause. As far as atypical depression goes, it is thought that a problem with the thyroid might be related as a person suffering from with will often crave carbohydrates, which can lead to the weight gain.

Do you suffer from atypical depression? It is possible that if a person suffers from two or more of the above mentioned symptoms, they might just be suffering from it; however, it might be possible the person is suffering from another form of depression. There are many different forms of a depression a person could be suffering from. It is important that anyone who believes they might have some form of depression; they seek help from a professional. Atypical depression, just like any of the other forms, can make living a very difficult thing to do. If not dealt with properly, it can take control of your life when it should be you who has full control of their life. There are many therapists and counselors out there who can help you work through your depression. They can prescribe a medication or a type of therapy that can help you gain more control of your emotions.

Is there a cure? Being as depression, in general, is not fully understood, there is not really a cure out there for it; however, there are treatments available for those who want to improve their lives and gain more control of their own emotions. One way is through online counseling with an online therapist. Online therapy can help you work through your depression in a safe and secure manner. An online counselor can work with you even if you are unable to leave your house. There are medications and therapies out there that can help you work through your depression so that you can live a better life. Now, every individual is different, and depending on the person’s system and what might be causing this onset of atypical depression, different medications and/ or treatments will be prescribed. In some cases, it might take trying a few different types of medication before the professional and the patient will find the right one that works. It takes patience and time, but those who wish to live a better life and make an effort to stay with the program and/or medication, will usually end up getting more control and living a better life as a result.