How does anxiety affect men?

It may appear that women tend to suffer from general anxiety far more than men do, but men tend to suffer anxiety just as much as women do even if they don’t appear to. There are many things in life that can contribute to the increasing anxiety that men will experience in their lives. It could be issues at work, it could be the low level of confidence they have, or difficulties at home with the family where the relationship is not as healthy as it should be; any of these, or even a combination of a number of these can all contribute to anxiety in men. There are many more causes of anxiety in men, including the possibility that they inherited their anxiety through genes or are experiencing anxiety as a result of some chemical imbalances in the brain.

Most everyone will experience a little anxiety at some point in their life, but there is a point where a person is suffering from too much anxiety. Too much anxiety can cause a man to become more irritable, jumpy, argumentative, worried or overly anxious. Anxiety is a stress that is not good for anyone to have over a long period of time. Anxiety can also cause a person to become limited in what they do, resulting in them not living up to their true potential. It can be a major hindrance on a person’s life and can leave a person depressed because they can’t find any enjoyment in life. They are too busy worrying about what others think of them, that any women they ask out will only say no, that people at work have a poor view of them, that they are going to make a major mistake at work and lose their job; the list is endless. Suffering anxiety to the point where life is becoming a walk through thick mud is certainly not the way to live life. Anxiety, when untreated, can soon become a danger to a man’s health as well. Studies have shown that men, especially middle-aged men who experience high levels of anxiety on a relatively consistent basis are more prone to deep depression and heart problems. The heart is a delicate organ that responds to the high levels of stress in a very negative way. Increased risk of heart attacks is sure to follow if a man’s anxiety is not dealt with.

Even in today’s society, unspoken expectations of men are followed; expectations that men can’t appear weak and appear able to handle just about anything that comes their way without any help. Many men will feel self-conscious about going to see a therapist for help because they feel that others will find out and show that they are weak. As a result, men have avoided seeking the help that they need for years. Online therapy is an answer to these worries. Men who would not normally seek help from a therapist in person are seeking help from online counseling by an online counselor by logging onto the internet at home. It is a more secure, discreet and confidential way to get help without the worry that others will find out. The online therapist and the patient can easily message back and forth to help the patient work through their anxiety. Online therapy is just like regular therapy, it is just done online instead of in person.