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Lifestyle Resource Center

These articles will help with issues pertaining to any and all challenges that arise in your life.

How do you relax?

It does not matter who someone is, what kind of job they have or what kind of home life they have, everyone needs to take time out for themselves. Even someone with a stressful job who enjoys their wo... Read More

Do women handle stress better than men?

Do women handle stress better than men? This is a question that has been asked for a very long time. Some believe that women do handle stress better, because they are more emotional. In fact, it was b... Read More

Chill: A little stress may help you live longer

Here's a statement you never hear: "I'm so stressed out — it's awesome!" But the fact is, certain pressure-filled situations — say, the occasional public-speaking gig or cramming for an exam — can be ... Read More

How do you deal with your own insecurities?

It would seem that while security in life is something desired by most people, it can easily be something that many are left chasing throughout their entire life. There are many reasons for this, espe... Read More

How do you deal with constant disappointment?

While most would prefer life to just be about the positives, life does come with many disappointments. Regardless of age, interests, career and family, disappointment is something that everyone must d... Read More

What do you do when life is not what it should be?

Just about everyone reaches a point in their life when they review their past and present and wonder if they have made too many mistakes along the way. Whether it is that they think they have not made... Read More

How do you make your life more interesting?

It happens to everyone, some not as much and some more than others, that life can become a little stagnant and boring. Depending on what one does for a living and what regrets they have, life can seem... Read More

Why is education so important for you?

When most think about getting more education, they will immediately think about going back to school at a university or college. Going back to university can seem glamorous for some, but it can be a t... Read More

What can you do when your temper causes you physical harm?

Emotions are a normal part of being human and it is often not recommended that people hold them in; however, it is suggested that people keep some control over them. Control of emotions is important a... Read More

What can you do when employment is hard to find?

The economy will often go through cycles of booms and busts that have a direct affect on how the typical family does. These booms and busts will also often determine whether the times are easy or diff... Read More

How can you adjust to moving back in with your parents?

It is not uncommon for adults, single or married, to move back in with family when they come across hard financial times, especially during the recent recession. While it may not seem like something t... Read More

Is it possible to start over?

Few really have full control over their lives before they are deemed adults in our society, whether it is of the age of 18, 19 or 21. Until then, they will partly rely on their parents or guardians fo... Read More

How do you start something new?

It is not uncommon for most to become so comfortable with their routine of work and play that they forget to try something new. Some may become so familiar with their daily routine that they do not ev... Read More

How do you make friends?

As is true with most things in life, each individual differs from the next in how they live or exist from one day to the next in what they do for work, what they prefer to do for fun and how social th... Read More

How much responsibility can you handle?

There is nothing wrong with a little responsibility; in fact there are many out there who wish that their kids, spouse or friends would be a little more responsible with their lives. There are also th... Read More

Do you have the confidence to look for a new job?

As far as changes in work or career go, some seem to have little difficulty in going with the flow while others can not seem to keep up. Sometimes, age may have something to do with it, but much has t... Read More

How to Sleep Better

Want to know how to sleep better at night? If you suffer from insomnia, you'll be glad to know that there are effective solutions to help you regain a normal sleeping pattern. Insomnia doesn't develop... Read More