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What should you do when get frustrated with work?

It doesn’t matter where you work, who you work for or what kind of a job you have, everyone can get frustrated with work for one reason or another. Whether it is because the clients coming in the door... Read More

How does financial stress affect physical health?

Financial stress affects most people in one way or another. Some people become stressed to the point where they will self-medicate with either alcohol or some other drug, others will work to find some... Read More

How can couples work through financial difficulties?

When a couple decides to get married and they repeat the part in the vows “for better or for worse,” few will actually think about how that vow could easily be broken with future financial difficultie... Read More

How does your credit score affect your mortgage interest rate?

Getting a mortgage is a very stressful event in a person’s life. It is usually by far the largest loan a person will get in their life, and getting a mortgage you can afford, with interest rates that ... Read More

How do foreclosures affect your credit score?

Right now, millions of people are going through the pain of foreclosure as the sub-prime mortgage crisis sweeps across the United States. As a result, those millions of people will learn first hand wh... Read More

Understanding Your FICO Score

Nothing has a bigger effect on whether or not you can get a loan, how much interest you pay and how credit will affect your life, than the FICO score. Fair Isaac Credit Organization (FICO) is the lead... Read More

Do you find credit relief with debt consolidation?

When your credit becomes difficult to manage, it can be tempting to simply declare bankruptcy and hope that everything works out down the road; however, this is the exact wrong thing to do, and as a c... Read More

Credit Repair during a Credit Crisis

These days, people are finding that their once solid credit rating has fallen faster than the stock market, and they are in danger of spending the next few years dealing with high interest rates and c... Read More

How Do Credit Cards Affect Your Credit?

Nearly everyone over the age of 20 has at least one credit card. For some, getting a credit card is a process to adulthood, but sadly many people do not realize the full effects that credit cards can ... Read More