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Parenting Resource Center

Articles to help with the challenges of parenting, topics including how to enjoy parenting.

How does an overbearing mom affect her son?

When talking about how a person develops and grows into the adult they eventually become, many things have to be taken into account; aspects that have a large affect on how a person develops mentally ... Read More

What is the impact of overbearing moms on daughters?

There are many things that need to be taken into account when raising a child. There is certainly more to think about than simply teaching values and morals. How a mother interacts with her daughter, ... Read More

What are the advantages to be a stay at home parent?

With the views changing on what is expected of the men and women in our society today, being a mother in a more traditional role can be the target of some dispute. Even though it is really the decisio... Read More

How do you communicate with your child?

When involved in any kind of relationship, good communication is necessary so that all understand each other and can coexist together. When most people think of how good or bad communication can affec... Read More

Are you ready to start a family?

It is a common question among many single and married people alike, especially when it is highly likely that one will be around in about nine months. Whether a couple are planning on having a child or... Read More

Teenangers and Stress

It is not uncommon to hear adults talk about how teenagers shouldn’t feel so stressed as they a have it easy in life. While this may be true for some, teenagers are actually exposed to many kinds of s... Read More

How do you deal with the first few years of parenting?

The first few years of becoming a parent can be the best years, but it can also be the most trying. This is the point where the strength of the relationship between the married couple will be tested. ... Read More

What do you need to consider to become a parent?

Some will claim that the first two or three years of parenting can be the most demanding and difficult time out of all the stages; others will claim that the teenage years are by far the more difficul... Read More

Would your family benefit from counseling online?

What is family counseling? Family counseling is where a family that is having difficulties will go into get counseling to learn ways to resolve issues. Family counseling is very much like couples coun... Read More

How do you deal with seperation anxiety?

After going through the first little while with constantly looking after a child who is completely dependent on its parent, leaving the child alone for the first time can be difficult for both the chi... Read More

What should you do with a depresed teenanger?

No parent wants to hear or believe that their teenage son or daughter is depressed, but it happens. It could be that the teen is having difficulty in dealing with the loss of a family member or close ... Read More

Are your children prepared for the first day of school?

Some children are excited about their first day of school and some children are a little nervous about it. It is a whole new experience for them, one that their parents should do their best to prepare... Read More

How do you build confidence in your children?

Poor self-esteem and low confidence can have a huge impact on how a child mentally develops, in how they interact with other students at school and how they do academically in school. It could cause m... Read More

How does your marriage affect your children?

When people get married and decide as a couple to have children, they will often forget or not realize how their personal relationship with their spouse can affect their children. Children are impress... Read More

How do you parent a child with problem behavior?

There are many families out there who have children who exhibit “bad” behavior. Few behavioral problems in children are a result of genetics or lack of intelligence. In fact, most behavioral problems ... Read More

How to parent through communication?

The thought of becoming a parent can be one of the most exciting thoughts for a young couple, especially if they are newly married. Starting a family is something that many couples seriously think abo... Read More

Is your child a compulsive liar?

It is natural for kids to lie on occasion, but to lie all the time for no reason can cause concern and trouble for the parents. If left untreated, it can cause unrest in the family because trust is br... Read More

How hard is parenting?

Before having the first child, many will be unaware of how difficult it can be. For the first couple of years, there is the knowledge that the child might wake up through the night and keep the parent... Read More

How to parent teenagers?

Parenting in general can be difficult, even though there are many positives to parenting. The bond between the child and the parent, for example, can often be the most rewarding part of becoming a par... Read More

Getting ready for parenting?

When first thinking about starting a family, there are a number of things that both parents have to think about before going ahead with it. These sorts of things have to do with whether the parents ar... Read More

Does your child suffer from depression?

It is often thought that depression more commonly affects older teenagers, adults and seniors, but children suffer from depression as well. Many suffer in silence without proper treatment because thei... Read More

When parents divorce

In many cases when a married couple decides to get divorced, the children can often be forgotten. It is not that the parents have purposely forgotten about their children, they have just become so cau... Read More

Parenting, Babies and Frustration

There comes a time in many people's lives when they find that special someone. They date, they get married and then they can't wait until they have a little bundle of joy. Many have claimed that the f... Read More