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Are you frustrated by your husband?

Life, as predictable as it can be and as unpredictable as it is, is never as perfect as one would like it to be. It is common for many young girls to grow up with the belief that they will find true l... Read More

Should you take a break in your relationship?

For as long as anyone can remember, relationships have never been easy. For some couples, it may not always seem that it takes a lot of work for them to have a happy, healthy and very long relationshi... Read More

Should you talk about religious beliefs before marriage?

When young couples are infatuated with each other, there is little they will consider or think about before tying the knot. In most cases, the younger and inexperienced people who become involved in r... Read More

What does it take to save your relationship?

When one is young and has not had any experience in relationships, they will often make the mistake that the kinds of relationships they will be involved with later in life are quite simple. Just abou... Read More

Should you stay or go in your relationship?

There comes a time in many relationships, whether a couple are just dating, are engaged, have been married for a short time or have been together for many years, when the question may arise of whether... Read More

Can your relationship be saved?

There are many couples out there, or even individuals who believe that their marriage is beyond help. There are a number of reasons for this, some of them justified because of abuse or some other comp... Read More

Do you think your marriage was a mistake?

It has been said by too many people involved in marriage that after the first little while, they begin to rethink their earlier decisions. Many start to feel bored by their relationships, others feel ... Read More

How do you fight boredom in your relationship?

When exposed to the same thing every day, the monotony can lead to boredom. Boredom wouldn’t be too bad if it did not mean so much trouble for some. How someone tries to fight it is where the trouble ... Read More

Why do you need premarital counseling?

Any major changes in one’s life tend to be a stressful, especially if it means an alteration in the daily routine. When a couple decides they want to spend their lives together, they will usually only... Read More

Are you feeling trapped in your relationship?

It would seem that along with an income, a place to live and food to eat, relationships are a necessary part of life. Humans are social beings who need companionship, though there are the few, as alwa... Read More

What do you do when your spouse goes to jail?

Despite what anyone’s view of marriage may be, it takes work and commitment to make marriage work. If one is not ready to accept they might have to be strong and fight their way through some real hard... Read More

When is the right time for marriage counseling?

When is it time to go to marriage counseling? The first year of marriage was wonderful, but three years later it has started to become a little rocky. When a couple first ties the knot, they are blind... Read More

Does your marriage lack intimacy?

Of all the reasons or causes for couples to divorce and go their separate ways, a lack of intimacy is one of the most common causes of the breakdown of a marriage. Some couples are able to salvage the... Read More

Does your relationship lack trust?

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a serious relationship, planning on getting married, or have been married for years, trust is one of the pillars of a healthy relationship. If trust does not exist... Read More

Why do we cheat in our relationships?

Relationships involve a lot of emotion and vulnerability, to a degree, and when one individual is caught cheating, it can be a devastating blow to the other individual involved. The first question tha... Read More

Happy Marriage, Happy Heart

Happily married people have lower blood pressure than unhappy married people or singles, a Brigham Young University study says. On the other hand, even having a supportive social network did not tr... Read More

How financial stress threatens a marriage?

Despite the common misconception among many single people, marriage is not easy. It takes a lot of work because life takes a lot of work. Life can be difficult and complicated enough for a single pers... Read More

How to handle grief?

Losing someone that a person greatly cares about, whether it is a friend or a family member can be extremely stressful. It can even cause a person to fall into a state of depression because the stress... Read More

Does Your Relationship Need Couple Therapy?

Our world is ever changing. Fifty years ago, in the 1950’s, and for all time before that, divorce was almost unheard of. Couples married, and expected to remain married for life. Because divorce was s... Read More

Avoiding Divorce... At What Cost

Sure, you have done some things wrong in your relationship, but you didn't force your unfaithful spouse to cheat - they CHOSE to do it. And understanding THAT is the key to unlocking the secret to sav... Read More