Substance Abuse Resource Center

Substance Abuse Resource Center

Substance abuse refers to the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs. Repeated and prolonged or heavy use of such substances can lead to dependence, which is characterized by continued use of the substance

What drives someone to substance abuse?

When the topic of substance abuse comes up, most will start talking about what initiatives families and doctors have taken in order to help with a problem that has gotten out of hand. What most seem t... Read More

How do you handle a substance abuse related death?

When dealing with a member of the family who is either addicted to alcohol or some other hard street or prescription drug(s), there is the risk that the particular individual may eventually cause them... Read More

What do you know about teenagers and marijuana?

With all the televisions shows, movies and general stereotypes about teenagers, it’s easy for adults to believe that the majority of all teenagers use marijuana. Despite this common stereotype, few ac... Read More

What do you do when your teenager is drinking?

Let’s be honest, the problem of teenage drinking doesn’t enter the mind of most parents, especially when looking into those innocent eyes of a baby. How can they possibly grow into a teenager with an ... Read More

How do you deal with your partner's substance abuse?

When most couples get married, there are few negative thoughts that will enter their minds; least of all is substance abuse. Most believe that when they get married, they will generally have a good ma... Read More

How do children deal with their parent's substance abuse

Children of parents who have a problem with substance abuse are all affected differently, depending on how old they are, how their parents behave with their addiction and how the children react to any... Read More

Teenagers and substance abuse

No child thinks that they will become addicted to drugs while they go through their teenage years. No parent wants to think that their kids might become addicted to something when they reach that age ... Read More

Can you get addicted to your prescription medications?

When people think of substance abuse, they automatically think of alcohol and illegal drugs or street dugs, such as cocaine and heroin. What most people are not going to think about are the drugs that... Read More

What are the main warning signs of substance abuse?

What kinds of people are prone to addictions or substance abuse? Many people are susceptible to these problems, especially people who suffer from depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, excessive str... Read More

Is there medication for alcohol dependency?

There are so many people in North America that abuse a substance, many of whom refuse to get the help they need for various different reasons. Some believe that they don’t deserve to help themselves a... Read More

Is there online counseling for substance abuse?

There are hundreds or even thousands of people throughout North America who suffer from substance abuse, either with prescription drugs, street drugs or alcohol. Many of these people are unaware that ... Read More

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

People can become addicted to alcohol. Alcohol changes the way your mind and your body work. Even one beer can slow your reactions and confuse your thinking. This means anything that requires concentr... Read More