Our Newest Articles in the Resource Center

Our Newest Articles in the Resource Center

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Stages of Grief

Grief is a very personal experience, and is as unique as the individual who is grieving. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote Read More

How do you relax?

It does not matter who someone is, what kind of job they have or what kind of home life they have, everyone needs to take time out for themselves. Even someone with a stressful job who enjoys their wo... Read More

What is paranoia?

Whether it was 2000 BC, or today, paranoia is something that seems to remain strong in humans. This is not to say that everyone is extremely paranoid, but it is something that seems to exist in everyo... Read More

Do women handle stress better than men?

Do women handle stress better than men? This is a question that has been asked for a very long time. Some believe that women do handle stress better, because they are more emotional. In fact, it was b... Read More

What should women do when life gets overwhelming?

Everyone has their own view on life. On the one extreme, there are those who are overly optimistic to the point where it seems like nothing can bring them down. On the other extreme, there are those w... Read More

What drives someone to substance abuse?

When the topic of substance abuse comes up, most will start talking about what initiatives families and doctors have taken in order to help with a problem that has gotten out of hand. What most seem t... Read More

Is medication a quick fix for your mood?

In today’s world with all the new technology and the latest treatments, one can become to comfortable with the idea that there is an instant cure for everything. Many will make the mistake of believin... Read More

How does an overbearing mom affect her son?

When talking about how a person develops and grows into the adult they eventually become, many things have to be taken into account; aspects that have a large affect on how a person develops mentally ... Read More

How do you know if you are making the right decision?

Life can be enjoyable, but it can be a real annoyance as well. A person’s life is lived and experienced by the choices that the individual makes each day. Many of these choices or decisions will be mi... Read More

Chill: A little stress may help you live longer

Here's a statement you never hear: "I'm so stressed out — it's awesome!" But the fact is, certain pressure-filled situations — say, the occasional public-speaking gig or cramming for an exam — can be ... Read More