About Dr. Jennifer Lagrotte, DMFT, LMFT, LMHC

Hello, I'm Dr. Jennifer Lagrotte

A little about Dr. Jennifer Lagrotte, DMFT, LMHC, LMFT

Born and raised in south Florida. She went to the University of Florida for her undergraduate work and majored in communications. She then got her Master's degree in marriage and family therapy. While she was getting her Master's, she worked in a hospital Emergency Room as a patient advocate and family counselor.

Since then, she has worked

with children, adults and geriatric patients. Jennifer has also had experience working in a hospital inpatient Psychiatric unit and with substance abuse patients.

After she took and passed

the LMFT and LMHC exams, Jennifer decided to go back to school to get her doctorate in marriage and family therapy. She has completed her course work, completed an Applied Clinical Project and has received her doctorate (DMFT).

She has worked with

couples, individuals, children, geriatric patients, depression, bipolor, anxiety substance abuse and personality disorders. She specializes in infidelity and repairing the relationship.

My Philosophy

I believe in...

Staying positive and focused on the here and now. Focusing on the problem is what you were doing before coming in for therapy - why not focus on the solution today?

I am committed to...

Help you feel good about yourself as quickly as possible and offering solutions that meet your needs.

I emphasize...

In working in a collaborative and respectful environment focusing on the often-neglected expertise that you have about yourself, in order to help you achieve the goals you want in your life.

I focus on...

Quick results and giving our clients the opportunity to live their own lives, without being dependent on their therapist.

More specifically, our treatment orientation is best described as Post Modern.